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Photographer & Videographer 
Mike Black

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I live and breathe light.  I have a flashlight collection. Really, I do!  Silly?  Perhaps.  Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with flashlights.  Little did I realize that my collection was actually a study in light, that it would evolve into a love of cameras and a passion for photography.  


My life in photography began over 10 years ago when my wife dropped our ‘family’ camera .  Shortly after that, I bought my first Nikon, and as the saying goes, “I’ve never looked back!”  Thanks Helen for being a klutz!  Smile.  


My style is honest, bold, and timeless with an editorial side.  My photos tell a story.  Whether, it's the story of your wedding day, expectant parents, or reflecting your lifestyle or business image, I work together with you to create works of art.

Sunlight.  Studio strobe lights.  I've become a student of light and how to control it.  I will use available light, or create and direct light to make an image authentic and capture the emotion of the moment.  That's the essence of photography.  Light and how it's shaped and added or subtracted; it helps tell a story, your story.

I live in Burlington, Ontario with my beautiful wife, two spunky children, two naughty cats, and a Blue Great Dane......oh, and a mother-in-law too!  


I’m available to capture your moment(s) locally and destinations worldwide (once restrictions are lifted).

Let's shape some light together!


The Adventure Starts with a CLICK!



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