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Tips about your upcoming headshot session

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

You've booked your headshot session with the photographer, now what? What do you wear? How long will the session take? When will I get my photos? Here are some tips for you about the headshot photo session.

According to my Mac's internal dictionary, a headshot is "A photograph of a person's head." Well said, LOL! It sounds simple, looks simple, however it takes considerable skill to make a photo of you look fresh, modern (or traditional, what ever the style you're going for), and cater to your target market. A professional photographer does just that, delivers you what you need.

Note - I have the ability to work on location or just as comfortably in a studio. Either way, I use studio and natural light to create your image.

[Left: cinematic style headshot - for a law firm.

Below: photo of young real estate salesperson, taken on location, final image, and client's marketing use of photo.]


1. What do I wear?

Solids, minimal stripes or patterns; nothing too trendy, unless that's your intent. The focus of the #headshot is you, and the image you want to portray.

2. How long will the session take, and what does that include? A typical session takes roughly 30 - 60 minutes, which includes wardrobe changes, warm up shots and principle photos. Throughout the session, both you and I (the #photographer) will briefly review the photos to ensure we both like the posing, facial expressions, and making sure your eyes aren't shut (my wife has a PhD in closing her eyes in almost every #photo, ugh). Social distancing measures are always observed.

[Above: clip of behind the scenes reviewing during the shoot.]

3. When will I receive my photos and how?

Following the photo shoot, there are 2 stages.

Stage 1: Includes a quick colour correction and posting of images onto a password protected, third party website, where you make your selections.

[Below: email invite to third party website and its gallery.]

Stage 2: The selections you've made are then edited to make your images look their best, which could include small exposure adjustments, blemish removals, rouge curl or strand of hair, or life experience line adjustments. This applies to individuals and group/company wide #headshots. The process is usually sped up by selecting your favourite shots during the session.

All final images are prepared and delivered for web and print resolutions.


4. What if I have more questions about the headshot photo session?

Perfect! Give me a shout, either call or email me. I'd be happy to address all your questions.


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